ZD Soft Screen Recorder 11.1.1 with Serial Key ! [LATEST]

ZD Soft Screen Recorder

ZD Soft Screen Recorder high-Performance Screen Recording, the ZD soft screen recorder always has a big advantage. Unlike much other screen-recording software in the market, GDI uses the screen capture method, which can result in high CPU utilization and visible system results, ZD soft speaker recorder uses GPU accelerated screen capture technology, which we can screen with less CPU utilization Is designed to capture and no system.

The PC game screen displayed by DirectX / OpenGL is usually difficult to capture via the GDI screen capture mechanism, so the common screen recording software can be available in DirectX / OpenGL based games, while the ZD soft screen recorders are well received by them. Can get.


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The ZD soft speaker recorder uses the most popular H.264 and AAC codecs for real-time video/audio encoding, it eliminates intermediate files and increases recording time capabilities.

Plugin With many helpful features, the Zoom Soft Screen Recorder is capable of saving many types of screen recording applications such as software demo, online video capture, recording PC gameplay, live screencasting, and more.

Usability of the application is our main priority, so we have designed the software UI from time to time to optimize the user experience. Now the Zodiac soft screen recorder has a clean control panel that can help the user easily access most programs.

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