USB Safely Remove with Crack ! [LATEST]

USB Safely Remove
Enhances the hardware icon remove the functionality safely The program completely removes the standard hardware icon’s standard and organizes many unique ones.

  • You can immediately customize the Stop menu (shown that when you left the “Delete Safe Usage” icon in the system tray):
  • Remove a USB device that you do not ever need to block from the menu. For example, ADSL modem, usb scanner etc.;

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  • Replace neutral default device name with a more known name (for example, “John’s 2GB Flash Drive” instead of “FlashDrive”);
  • Change the device icon.
  • You can turn off a USB device by pressing the shortcut key while working in any application.
  • Remove USB safely, automatically removes your icon from the notification area when there are no devices to shut down, so you can optimize the program, so the icon only appears when you need it
  • You can specify applications or sounds that will be launched every time you connect or disconnect a device.
  • Show Native Warnings Delete Hardware Window Properties
  • Documentation Reforms
  • Fixed: It was possible to show more than one “Can not Stop USB Device” window
  • Fixed: The help button in the “Can not Stop USB Device” window did nothing
USB Safely Remove

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