USB Flash Drive Format Tool Pro ! [Fresh]

USB Flash Drive Format Tool Pro

USB drive format tool is a small freeware utility that supports any USB storage device (USB flash drive, USB stick, USB pane drive, USB portable drive, and SDCARD) by FAT, FTOOF, Defines FFH and NTFFFFFFFFA
To get started, you will need to connect a USB device that wants to connect to the computer, so the utility can recognize it and display it in your main screen. Users only need to specify the USB device they want to format, select the file system, and specify a label as a label, then select optionally instantly formatting or enable compression.

  • The format USB flash drive is not recognized by Windows
  • Create a bootable USB Flash drive to install or reinstall Microsoft Windows from the ISO image.
  • Create a bootable USB flash drive to repair your computer in DOS
  • Adjust the USB flash drive for reading / writing speed
  • Adjust cluster size for faster access.
  • Create a FAT32 volume of 32 GB
  • Secure all the data safely on any USB storage device
USB Flash Drive Format Tool Pro

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