SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool 4.10.12 Patched APK !

SD Maid Pro
SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool will help keep your device clean and smooth!
It provides a collection of tools to manage applications and files.SD Maid is intended for rooted devices which is an app that can tidy up your Android device with a list of tools that can help your Android function better and faster. The app is simple enough to use and can also optimize and shrink bloated databases to speed up access and free up space.
None is perfect and not Android.
Someone else has already removed the applications.
Logs, crash reports, and other files that you really want to create.
Collecting your storage files and directories that you can not recognize.
Go here … sd maid help you!

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  • Browse all your devices and manipulate files completely through the file explorer.
  • Remove the best files from your system.
  • Manage installed users and system applications.
  • Find files related to default apps.
  • Search for files by name, content or date.
  • Get detailed overview of your device storage.
  • Optimize the database.
  • Clean the actual application and remove the expense files, which can call others ‘cache cleanliness’.
  • Find duplicate images, music or documents, free of name or location.
  • Automatically run devices via schedule or widget.
SD Maid Pro
SD Maid Pro
SD Maid Pro

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