PC Privacy Shield Premium 3.3.0 with License Key ! [LATEST]

PC Privacy Shield Premium
PC Protection Shield will clean up your online digital pdf, which includes your browsing history, file usage and chat archives. The PC Privacy Shell clears all or part of the information in all history files and enables false / dummy information.
The PC’s secret shield is used to protect the phishing information and cover its track for use. Removes PC Protection Shield Login Certificates and Real-Time Alerts when logged in by a browser. The PC Secrets Shield clears the instant messaging / chat history, keep the last chat record clear to your PC.

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The PC Protection Shield has a special feature that allows you to automatically erase history and special sites after closing your browser. For example, you can choose to have your kids, roommates, and other things your bank account or other sites each time.
Protect your security
PC Coffee Shield protects your identities by storing your phone number, email, physical address and credit card information stored on your computer.
Error of mail communication and password
PC Privacy Shield Displays a deep scan for username and password that are logged in to your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari). You can remove them immediately and make sure they can not live on your computer after every session
Scan a little
PC Protection Shield lets you easily scan your PC or laptop for potential risks. Dashboard immediately displays your PC’s insecurity by exposing your potential security and confidentiality issues.
Real-time protection
The PC Secrets Shield detects dangerous threats during real time and lets you clean them before being harmful.
Remove quotes
PC Protection Shield will find any unnecessary cookies on your computer that it finds. This will help attacker advertisers and dangerous hackers.
Scheduled holidays
With PC Secret Shield, you can clean your computer at any time, and if you forget, then schedule its schedule.
Clear your browser history or request
The PC Protection Shell allows you to easily select or change the websites you visit and allow you to store in your browser history.
PC Privacy Shield Premium

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