DRevitalize for Windows 3.31 Full Version with Crack ! [LATEST]

DRevitalize for Windows


DRevitalize for Windows is a low-weight software software that aims to make your HDD. To help in improving the poor sector. This program is especially suitable for physical defects due to different programs, because of serious fraud and taste, such as a severe stroke or strong electric magnetic field, it can also be effective in case of bad weather and productive conditions. .

Intercourse with GUI

YouTube is an interface that looks like the Konondon Convention Console. There is no support for donation guides, but this program shows useful tips on these capabilities in the main window. In addition, it presents a few points for setting up these parameters

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Edit Bad Sector

Devices allow you to edit bad sectors while using Sidford Ford in your HDD, because you want to select a single and single unit and change the system. Keyboard Shortcuts These points can also be done.

You can also choose to scan for the worst things and you want the test to be selected, for example, scan, scan and modify (test or cancellation test) or SMART data analysis.

At the end of the process, you have provided an overview of Hardford Internet, Harder Buffer, Running Type, Firm Number, Current Sector, Referral Sector, Bud Sector Identification, Bad Sector Rehabilitation and Speed ​​Speed. . Ata and model

Other important features are considered that you will be able to copy the drive with customs and look at a large number of other areas (though the poor sector is absent) (see Smart status details) and choose the name (bit data Raw information) is not available for 32 ACHC SATA devices under DOS, WinAPI for Noop I / O, and working with ATA / SCSI coordinator, and Final Error Code and WinAPI Stage D. Completely misleading information, while running through SCSI Operations scanning, or ATA registrar.

DRevitalize for Windows

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