DigiDNA iMazing 2.3.1 with Full Crack ! [LATEST]

DigiDNA iMazing

DigiDNA iMazing You can use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPod through USB, Wi-Fi and use it as external storage, such as an iPhone USB drive! Transfer all the media, data and settings to the new iPhone 6 All your iPhone data is running IOS on a new device Create a complete backup with media, data, apps and device settings in two simple simple steps. Restore all the data with one click. Button: Securely, with any computer, from iCloud, any thing if it was already synced, no iTunes account is linked, it only works on iPhones, iPod and iPod file transfer Mac and PC transfer files Works with any Mac or PC and any iOS device, all app documents, data and media via super fast USB or trouble-free access. i-Fi requires no cloud, no gel tiger, no iTunes account or sync, it works – it also works all.

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IOS 8 Tools Backup and Restore Management Backup, Restore and Clone any iOS device, set up per set or data per Set Keep applications Complete the full record of all your devices including state and data and reinstall them on any device Back up and restore applications with all the data Do it When saving media and reinstalling them, iPod, iPhone and Music have matched pre-sync or iTunes account without any iOS and iPod, iPod or iPod and any Mac or PC, without iOS devices, and the first sync. Requirements Handles each track, album, playlist, and calculations: Rebuild your iTunes library, such as copy, save, and manage iPhone data and pictures transfer all the iPhone data to any computer: SMS text messages, MMS IMAs, contacts, voice mail, Memos, comments call history history Kaharu your Mac or PC to manage: vCards or add or remove contacts from Outlook directly to your computer every photo and movie, camera roll, your photo album, or even copy ICloud Photo Streams.

    DigiDNA iMazing

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