CamScanner Phone PDF Creator UNLOCKED APK !

CamScanner Phone PDF Creator
CamScanner Phone PDF Creator digitization of mobile documents worldwide number one and more than 100 million applications installed, more than 200 countries and territories. Camcassel helps you to scan, store, synchronize and help on smartphones, tablets and computers on different contents.

* Mobile scanner

Use your camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, discussions on the whiteboard, business cards, certificates, scans.


* Optimize the quality of analysis

Intelligent culture and self-improvement lessons and graphs show clearly and clearly


* Quick search

By entering words, you will see a list of documents with titles in titles, comments or images (regular only).


* Delete the text of the image

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text exits text for additional editing or .txt sharing in a single edition. (License only)


* Share PDF / JPEG files

Easily share the JPEG format with documents or PDF files or other social networks, send them by e-mail or send e-mail documents to PDF

* Printing and Faxing

Print the documents near the nearest printer in the camcorder. With more than 30 fax applications in countries

* Collaboration

Invite friends or friends to view and comment on your analysis in a group. (Regular only)


* Advanced Edition

Improvements are available to create annotations or add custom watermarks to documents


* Save Secure Documents

Set an access code to see the important document; In the middle, when sending a doc link, you can set a password to keep it safe


* Synchronization on platforms

Sign up to sync cowboy documents. Simply connect to any smartphone, tablet or computer (go to and you can view, edit and share all documents. (Regular only)


CamScanner Phone PDF Creator

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