3C Toolbox Pro Patched APK ! [LATEST]

3C Toolbox Pro

3C Tools is an indispensable application for each and every Android user and for each root user
The 3C tools combines the many features of many great applications with an ultra-modern interface and an easy-to-use tool. There are tools in 3C tools that you need to inspect, monitor, and optimize all your Android devices, save $ 25 or $ 30 by getting 3C tools instead of many different applications.
To get the fastest and most friendly support on the Play Store, please send application settings, help and support requests that mention your concerns. More than 85% of users rated it a full 5 star rating of 4.8, which is much lower on play store!

  • Hide any tabs or any item
  • Edit the home screen buttons up to 4×6 grids
  • Multi / Auto-select, get sorted into Application Manager, and root explorer
  • Automatic backup of new applications and new applications notification
  • Record items and options
  • Use Power Saver in Task Manager and Task Killer
  • Create multilines, monitors, and profiles
  • Automatic battery labels and multiple battery management
  • Notification shortcuts to access any features of the status notification
  • Additional widgets: 2×1 text, 2×1-5×2 graphic, 4×1-1×4 key, and 4×4 abstract
  • No ads
3C Toolbox Pro

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